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May 23, 2016

Taxis have always been a great way to capture some of the local flavors of a city, and it’s not surprising to find that your driver might have a hidden talent or two. Over the weekend, the San Francisco Chronicle had a fun piece on driver Buzz Brooks who over the past decade has brought the simple joy of Cabaret to, well, your cab. Dubbed the “Kabaret Kab Experience” this is definitely a ride you won’t soon forget.


Brooks has been driving a cab for over 30 years and uses music and singing to cre...

May 16, 2016

The world of transportation has always been a competitive business. Getting people from point A to point B safely and quickly will always be a top priority. Mobile technology has only fueled the competitive fires both in the entrenched taxi hardware makers and the big-money TNC startups. Misinformation flourishes in the shadows so we thought it would be good to shine some light on some of the half-truths and downright lies we hear about Flywheel and taxis.

Myth 1: There’s never a taxi n...

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