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What is TaxiOS?

  • First Government Certified Software Meter

  • Replaces the Taximeter, DIM, Radio, Dispatch, Cashiering and more with a single mobile device

  • Scalable, cloud-based and fully customizable to fleet needs


Flywheel CardONE

CardONE™ is a full feature Private Label Card program (PLC). It’s a better way to pay for a taxi trip.

• Streamlines the trip payment process

• Streamlines the back office process

• Increases ridership

• Creates brand awareness

• Builds a loyal customer base

• Rewards Riders

• Streamline the back office process

• Increase ridership

• Create brand awareness

• Build a loyal customer base


Areas that benefit:


  • We work with local govenments  and clients to establish rules for Ride Programs

  • Flywheel Card offers reporting to secure subsidized funding

  • Options may include trip limits per day at fixed balance per trip (rider is reponsible for any amount that exceeds Per Trip total)

  • Prints balance on the receipt


  • Promote your cab company with loyalty card programs 


Corporate cards

  • Online access

  • Periodic billing

  • Manage credit limits

  • Customized invoice templates

  • Administrative fees

  • Pre-arranged tip logic


Gift cards

  • Value is loaded online (credit card, PayPal, checking account

  • Partial payment/split tender feature

  • Prints balance on the receipt