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What is TaxiOS?

  • First Government Certified Software Meter

  • Replaces the Taximeter, DIM, Radio, Dispatch, Cashiering and more with a single mobile device

  • Scalable, cloud-based and fully customizable to fleet needs


Streamline Office Operations


  • Create lease shifts of various durations (12hr, 24hr, Weekly, Weekly AM/PM)

  • Auto-renewing leases

  • Track driver/vehicle lease history

  • Automated Late Fees

  • Swap vehicles mid-shift


Corporate Account Management

  • Account invoicing

  • Account Aging reports, Account Statements, Account Payment reports

  • Account Billing and Cashiering rules (Admin Fees, Account Discounts, charge Fare Discounts to drivers, Max Tip allowed)

  • Fare Audit rules by Account - required fields in fare data


  • Track revenue by Account/Transaction Types

  • Journal Entry reporting

  • Driver balance reporting



  • Auto-cashiering

  • Net driver credit and debits

  • Automated recurring fees/credits

  • Driver bond deposits

  • Email cashiering receipts

  • Electronic payment options (Direct Pay, ACH)

  • Cash Drawer Manager