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Industry leading taxi solutions

Flywheel develops innovative technologies for riders, taxi drivers and taxi companies around the world.


✓ eHail the closest available taxi will be on your way in minutes.

✓ Track exactly where your cab is and how long before it picks you up.

✓ Ride local, professional drivers who know the city will get you to your destination quickly and safely.

Hailing a Cab
Nice Taxi Driver


✓ Increase your ridership by getting alerts about nearby pick-ups.
✓ You're in control of your schedule. Drive when you can, as often as you like.
✓ Flywheel trains its drivers regarding processes and guidelines.
✓ DirectPay sends earnings directly to your debit card so you receive your cash quickly.


✓ A flat delivery fee per order regardless of distance.

✓ We bridge the gap between local restaurants and drivers. A service tailored for the local community.

✓ Our drivers are licensed, fully insured, vetted and background checked. Our vehicles are fully inspected.



✓ Full service hardware and software taxi meter and payments solution.

✓ Manage leasing, accounting, corporate account management and cashiering.

✓ CardONE prepaid debit cards and municipality-subsidized cards to serve individuals, students, children and those requiring paratransit vehicles and service.

✓ DirectPay to rapidly pay drivers as fast as possible.

Introducing Shield

New. Available now!

During these uncertain times, the Flywheel Team takes safety inside taxis very seriously.

That’s why we are introducing Flywheel Shield. Flywheel Shield effectively separates the driver and the passenger compartments.


Safety First

Flywheel drivers and the technology that supports them ensure that every ride is smart and secure.  Your pick-up will be quick, payment is easy and you have the confidence that drivers know their way around town.

In addition, Flywheel supports transportation programs that secure safe transit of impaired drivers. We have collaborated with Recording Artists Against Drunk Driving (RADD) to support this effort.

Prepaid cards can be provided for single events - or to municipalities during peak traffic times. These may include holidays or impromptu city events such as parades, school closings, etc.

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