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Regulate ground transportation

Flywheel for Government offers government agencies all the tools to effectively manage and regulate ground transportation in entire cities.

City Skyline

Integrate with Transportation Authorities

Flywheel for Government gives access to all taxi-related data and integrates with city and municipality transportation authorities.

Subsidy Programs Management

Flywheel for Government helps agencies manage subsidy programs such as patron management and private label card management.


On the Flywheel platform:

  • Patrons can book subsidized rides.

  • Patrons have the ability to order subsidized meals.

People Inside Taxi

Corporate Accounts

Flywheel for Business for Government employees using Corporate Account


  •  Rides for employees

  • Meal programs for employees

  • Booking ride for client/customer

  • Courier delivery of packages, documents, etc. (coming soon)

Flywheel Shop

New. Available now!

During these uncertain times, the Flywheel Team takes safety inside taxis very seriously.

Introducing Flywheel Shield and PPE. Flywheel Shield effectively separates the driver and the passenger compartments.


Flywheel for Government Web App

Regulators have complete access to data & advanced analytics for taxis on the Flywheel network, including all the taxis in a city, all trip & telemetry info, & specific trip search functionality, etc.

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