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Industry leading solutions for taxi fleets.

Flywheel develops innovative technologies for riders, taxi drivers and taxi companies around the world.

Introducing Shield

Available now!

During these uncertain times, the Flywheel Team takes safety inside taxis very seriously.

That’s why we are introducing Flywheel Shield. Flywheel Shield effectively separates the driver and the passenger compartments.

Passenger Information Monitor (PIM)

Solution for taxi and paratransit vehicles. Flywheel Pay is built to accept a variety of different payment methods commonly associated with taxi and paratransit vehicles (CardONE).

Packaged Solutions

The Flywheel Pay PIM is built on Android technology with a rugged 7” tablet, case, cabling and Ingenico card reader. The system is designed for harsh vehicle environments and has been tested for impact and high temperature environments.

The Ingenico card reader is fully EMV compliant and supports chip, swipe and NFC tap payments.

Payment Methods

EMV (chip), swipe and tap compatible


Major credit card and debit cards


Prepaid cards (CardONE, etc)


Cash payments


Split payments

Universal Acceptance


The Flywheel Pay platform is PCI-DSS Certified.

Flywheel Pay integrates with traditional meters (Centrodyne, Pulsar) as well as soft meters (iCabbi, Flywheel).


Flywheel Pay has an OPEN API that allows integration into our platform.


PIM is accessible to the visually impaired.


CardONE™ is a full feature Private Label Card (PLC) program. It’s a better way to pay for a taxi ride. CardONE streamlines the trip payment and back office process, increase ridership, creates brand awareness, builds a loyal customer base and rewards riders.


For Local Governments: We work with local governments and clients to establish rules for Ride Programs. Flywheel offers reporting to secure subsidized funding options may include trip limits per day at fixed balance per trip (rider is responsible for any amount that exceeds per trip total) and prints rider's balance on the receipt.

For Fleets: Promote your cab company with loyalty card programs 


For Corporates: Online access, periodic billing, manage credit limits, customized invoice templates, administrative fees and pre-arranged tip logic.


For Gift Cards: Value is loaded online (credit card, PayPal, checking account), partial payment/split tender feature and prints balance on the receipt.


Streamline your office operations with Flywheel Dispatch. 


  • Create lease shifts of various durations (12hr, 24hr, Weekly, Weekly AM/PM)

  • Auto-renewing leases

  • Track driver/vehicle lease history

  • Automated Late Fees

  • Swap vehicles mid-shift

Corporate Account Management

  • Account invoicing

  • Account Aging reports, Account Statements, Account Payment reports

  • Account Billing and Cashiering rules (Admin Fees, Account Discounts, charge Fare Discounts to drivers, Max Tip allowed)

  • Fare Audit rules by Account - required fields in fare data


  • Track revenue by Account/Transaction Types

  • Journal Entry reporting

  • Driver balance reporting


  • Auto-cashiering

  • Net driver credit and debits

  • Automated recurring fees/credits

  • Driver bond deposits

  • Email cashiering receipts

  • Electronic payment options (Direct Pay, ACH)

  • Cash Drawer Manager

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