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What is TaxiOS?

  • First Government Certified Software Meter

  • Replaces the Taximeter, DIM, Radio, Dispatch, Cashiering and more with a single mobile device

  • Scalable, cloud-based and fully customizable to fleet needs


Order a taxi with a simple touch

For better customer service, convenience and customer acquisition

Your taxi is not only a great way of increasing brand visibility and presence at the point of sale. Its simplicity will also get you more orders and improve your customer satisfaction. Just distribute bt.tns to all your important locations, such as hotels and restaurants, and start taking in ride orders.

Get unique, ready-to-use service order bt.tns with your company logo and colors. Our simple subscription plan includes bt.tns, mobile data connection*, cloud-based service, and free replacement service of faulty bt.tns. There’s no start fee and no software to install.

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