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What is TaxiOS?

  • First Government Certified Software Meter

  • Replaces the Taximeter, DIM, Radio, Dispatch, Cashiering and more with a single mobile device

  • Scalable, cloud-based and fully customizable to fleet needs


Flywheel DirectPay

Instant Payments

  • Eliminate the hassle of dealing with bank transfers, checks or cash


Simple Payout Process

  • Give every driver a payout  card


Driver Retention

  • By improving the overall driver experience


Driver Benefits

  • Drivers can get paid immediately: anytime, anywhere

  • Eliminate in-person payment administration

  • No check cashing fees or bank trips

  • Safer than cash

  • Money available instantly 24/7/365

  • Use anywhere Mastercard®  is accepted

Fleet Benefits

  • Automate the entire driver payment process

  • Make payments to drivers for credit card trips

  • Collect payments from the drivers for leases or any other monies owed

  • Eliminate in person cashiering administration

  • Keep drivers on the road

  • Remove cash and check requirements from the driver payout process

  • Payments are made in real-time improving the over all driver experience

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