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High-Powered Hybrid Meter

  • Reliable and accurate Centrodyne meter box unit is plugged into the vehicle’s OBD port and is connected to the DIM to the app via bluetooth.

  • Flywheel Pay integrates with traditional meters (Centrodyne, Pulsar) as well as the TaxiOS meter and Flywheel’s Hybrid Meter.

  • Verifies the current configured rate of the meter box from the Centrodyne Admin Portal and display the electronic seal.

  • The app’s ability to go into the “widget” mode allows the user to conveniently toggle through or navigate and use their third-party dispatch app.

  • Drivers will still be able to easily start the meter and start a ride, receive Flywheel eHail ride requests, toggle their Flywheel availability status and select a valid rate configuration.

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