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Washington D.C.

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District of Columbia Taxicab Rates



  • First 1/8 of mile: $3.25 (includes Passenger Surcharge of $0.25).

  • Each Additional Mile: $2.16

  • Shared Ride Rate: $1.20 per mile

  • Wait Rate (per hour) *$25.00

  • Wait time begins five (5) minutes after time of arrival at dispatch location.

  • No wait time charged for premature response to a dispatch.

  • Wait time charged while taxicab is stopped or slowed to less than ten (10) miles per hour for longer than sixty (60) seconds.

  • Wait time charged for delays or stopovers at the direction of the passenger.

Hourly Contract Rate:

  • $35.00 for the first one (1) hour or fraction thereof.

  • $8.75 for each additional fifteen (15) minutes or fraction thereof.



  • Telephone Dispatch, two dollars: $2.00

  • Additional passenger, one dollar: $1.00 
    (regardless of the number of additional passengers)

  • Declared Snow Emergency Fee, fifteen dollars: $15.00

  • Group or Shared Riding: as each passenger arrives at his or her destination fare due shall be paid by passenger(s) leaving the cab. 

  • Shared Riding Venues: Union Station, Verizon Center or Nationals Park or other locations designated by an administrative order of the Department of For-Hire Vehicles.

  • Airport Surcharge or toll-paid: if any, amount charged shall be the same amount that was paid.  

  • Delivery Service (messenger service and parcel pick-up and delivery): same rate as single passenger unless vehicle hired by the hour.

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