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SF Taxi Driver Takes the Cabaret to the Streets in ‘Kabaret Kab’

Taxis have always been a great way to capture some of the local flavors of a city, and it’s not surprising to find that your driver might have a hidden talent or two. Over the weekend, the San Francisco Chronicle had a fun piece on driver Buzz Brooks who over the past decade has brought the simple joy of Cabaret to, well, your cab. Dubbed the “Kabaret Kab Experience” this is definitely a ride you won’t soon forget.

Brooks has been driving a cab for over 30 years and uses music and singing to create a special experience for his fares. For those that long for the bohemian days of San Francisco yesteryear, Brooks’ cab is a breath of fresh air. Check out the video by Erin Brethauer below.

We recommend checking out the full photo essay on Buzz Brooks at the SF Chronicle here.

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