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Hello, from the Flywheel Team

As many of you know by now the Flywheel app, and it's related businesses, have recently been purchased by us, the CabConnect Technologies team. First, we have to apologize for this delayed communication. We have been working on the transitional team, and as with any transition, there have been bumps we have had to deal with.

We do know that payments have been delayed, but rest assured they are coming. Nothing matters more to us than getting payments handled, and ensuring that you are getting paid for the rides you have completed. The team is diligently working on getting this resolved and making sure that the proper processes are in place.

Our team consists of people that come from the taxi industry. We are not programmers or developers, but people who own taxicab companies and understand the struggles that everyone in this industry is facing. Companies across the country have had to cut employees, and drivers have seen their incomes decrease. Our goal with Flywheel is to expand it into different markets across the US, and possibly more. More importantly, we understand that communication with you is key, which makes this even more disappointing in that we have not gotten this to you sooner.

The first step in that is that we understand that you, the drivers, are our customers. We depend on you to provide the great service. We depend on you, whether your car is labeled Flywheel or not, to bring the experience to the customer. The experience that ensures they want to keep on using it. Every time you turn the key to the cab, you are the captain of that ship, and play the most integral role of helping us stay in the right direction.

While we cannot promise that every idea will be carried out, every idea will be heard. We want to enhance the experience for both you the driver, and for our riders.

We will keep you updated as we move along, and ensure you understand where we are, and where we are going. In our next communication we will have proper channels in place to receive your feedback, and communication.

Again, these are merely bumps as we transition, but things will not just stabilize, but will become much, much better.

As always, thank you

Flywheel Team

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